Julie served on the Anne Arundel County Public Schools Board of Education for more than five years. During that time, she championed educational equity, increased compensation for teachers and staff, expanded special education and mental health supports, smaller class sizes, and modernization of school facilities. She will continue that advocacy on the County Council. She believes every child deserves a high-quality education.


Economic Growth

Julie supports responsible economic growth through making Anne Arundel County a welcoming home to business and residents. A strong school system, reliable public transportation, and workforce development are key factors in growing our area. Infrastructure such as school capacity and road improvements must keep pace with development, and Julie’s experience with the school system addressing adequate public facilities gives her a head start in tackling these issues on the county level. Julie has a proven track record of collaboration with business, government, and community members to create positive results for neighborhoods, as seen in the award-winning Monarch Global Academy in Laurel.


Public Safety

Neighborhoods thrive when the residents feel safe. Julie knows this sense of safety comes from trust and collaboration with law enforcement and public safety teams. Our police and fire departments must have access to the best training and equipment available, and they must be paid competitively with our neighboring counties so that we can retain the best personnel. Expanding the county’s globally recognized Crisis Intervention Teams and increasing community mental health supports will assist our first responders to best serve our communities.



Walkable neighborhoods. Smooth roads. Colorful playgrounds. Well-maintained playing fields. Modernized libraries.  Preservation and expansion of greenspaces. These are the things that make our communities welcoming. Every resident of District 4 should have a neighborhood that offers these opportunities.


Military Support

As the wife and daughter of US Army veterans, Julie knows firsthand the service and sacrifices of our military personnel and their families. She will strive to support our current and former service members and encourage them to establish roots in Maryland and Anne Arundel County.